MagnaTherapy is the revolutionary new environmentally friendly system to keep you pool clean, hygienic and sparkling all year round.

This mineral water pool method is based on magnesium chloride, a naturally beneficial element that filters out harmful bacteria and provides therapeutical health benefits while you swim.

Cleaning from the ocean

The MagnaTherapy pool system is Mother Nature’s method to naturally cleanse and purify your pool in much the same way as the oceans clean themselves.  The pure “Hydroxinateur” produces a natural sanitizer, which is similar to the material that your body uses to fight disease and bacteria.

This maintains water quality and is a much more gentle and environmentally friendly method than traditional chlorine systems.

Filtration is highly efficient, and a MagnaTherapy pool uses up to 60% less backwash than a traditional pool.  Wastewater is so safe it can be diluted and used on the garden.

Nature’s healing powerhouse

Magnesium is a crucial element required by the body for good health and general wellbeing.  Every organ in your body needs magnesium for normal function, and this amazing element brings many health benefits including:

  • helping your muscles to relax
  • providing important vitamins to your bloodstream
  • regulating calcium
  • helping blood to clot

Dive in to experience the benefits

The mineral science that is Magna Therapy is the simple way for your body to attract and store healthy amounts of highly beneficial magnesium.  As you swim, the magnesium chloride mineral is absorbed transdermally, improving your health and promoting wellbeing.

The natural ocean minerals produce a silky smooth water compound called magnesium hydroxide, which is very gentle on the eyes and will leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.  It’s safe for sensitive skin and will leave you feeling like you’ve had a beauty treatment after each swim.

Let us help you create an outdoor oasis.

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