Pumps and Filters

The pump and filter are the heart of your pool’s circulation system.  The pump moves water from the pool and sends it through the filter for removal of any dust, dirt and debris before returning it back to the pool.

The length of time you should run your pump each day depends on a number of factors including pipe size, pool size, swimmer load and the pump size.  If your pump isn’t running optimally, your pool water won’t be properly circulated or filtered, which can result in water health problems.

There are three types of filters that are used in swimming pools to remove dirt and debris that enter the water through use by swimmers and generally through the environment.  These are:

  • Sand filters
  • Cartridge filters

Sand Filters 

Sand filters are simple, effective and easy to use, and are a popular method to filter water. Accumulated dirt in the filter is removed by “backwashing” or reversing the water flow. These filters should be cleaned at least every season with a filter cleaner.

Cartridge Filters 

A cartridge filter doesn’t require any backwashing to remove dirt particles that have been collected when water is pumped through it.   Water flows very efficiently through cartridge pumps, meaning you can use a smaller pump or lower pump speed to reduce the amount of electricity needed.  These filters are cleaned by simply removing the cartridge and hosing it off.

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