About Pool Cleaners

Finding the right cleaner for your pool depends on many factors including the type of pool you have, the amount of effort you want to put into cleaning and your budget.

Manual Cleaning

You can clean your pool manually using a handheld pool vacuum.  This is a cost effective solution but very time consuming – expect a thorough clean to take up to an hour.

Suction Cleaning

Suction cleaners are very popular and work when your pool pump is running.  The suction action of the pool pump generates the force required to move the equipment randomly along the floor and walls of the pool, extracting any dirt or small debris in its path.  Maintenance and part replacement costs over time on these devices is usually minimal.

Robotic Cleaning

Robotic cleaners run independently from the pool’s main filter and pump system and are powered by electricity.  They have 2 internal motors: one sucks water through a self contained filter bag and then returns the filtered water back into the pool, and the other drives the machine forwards and backwards.  Sensors detect objects such as walls, and cause a change in direction.  Robotic cleaners are usually more expensive than suction cleaners, but you won’t use up as much water with backwashes, meaning you’ll need fewer chemicals and reduce the amount of electricity needed for filtration.

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