About Pool Chemicals

Your pool’s pump and filter system does most of the hard work when it comes to keeping the water clean, but a little chemistry is needed to do the fine tuning. Pathogens such as bacteria thrive in water, so it’s important that a disinfecting agent is introduced to remove them.

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to disinfect a pool, usually in the form of calcium hypochlorite (a solid) or sodium hypochlorite (a liquid).  When the compound is added to the water, a reaction causes hypochlorous acid to form, which kills bacteria and other pathogens by attacking the cells.

The chemical bromine can also be used as a pool sanitiser and is often used in spas and hot tubs as it is more stable than chlorine in hot water.

Water balancers are also important chemicals that are used to keep your pool’s pH, alkalinity, calcium and chlorine at the right levels.  These include pH increasers, pH decreasers, alkalinity increasers, calcium hardness increasers and chlorine neutralisers.

Additionally, there are a number of speciality chemicals that can be used to keep your pool looking its best.  These include algaecides, clarifiers, enzymes, filter cleaners, metal magnets, phosphate removers, stain removers and tile cleaners.   

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