Water features

A water feature is easy on the eye and adds a mesmerising aspect to any pool.  To find out more about how we can create a stunning water feature for your pool, contact us today.

Pentair Deckjet

Perhaps nothing else soothes the soul like the sight and sound of moving water. That’s why water features are such a popular and fast-growing enhancement to pools and poolside environments. With Deck Jet water effects from Pentair, you can add to the peace and tranquillity of your poolside experience a number of ways… more economically than ever before.


  • Deck Jet water effects are available with five distinctive spray patterns.
  • Streams reach up to eight feet, allowing an endless variety of design options.
  • Create water arches, blossom designs or whatever your imagination can conceive.
  • Attractive installation with no unsightly or unsafe edges or screws.
  • Deck Jet water effects won’t collect debris like competitive designs.

Pentair Deckjet II

The MagicStream Deck Jet II creates a graceful arc of water that enters your pool with a gentle splash. The stream seems to appear magically from your pool deck since the jet installs flush and out of sight. The result is a visual focal point that’s simply captivating and a soothing sound that enhances the serenity of your backyard escape. Install one or several jets to enhance the overall sensory experience of your poolscape.


  • Water stream height is adjustable to a maximum of six feet. Water direction is adjustable up to 360°.
  • Easy-to-adjust nozzles enable your creativity—concentrate all streams into a single entry point, overlap streams of different heights, or create a symmetrical, multi-stream archway…and more.
  • Polished bronze-colored plates provide an elegant, quality finish.
  • 1 year warranty.

Pentair MagicStream

Crystal clear by day – dramatic colour at night.  MagicStream laminars create totally clear, uniform arcs of moving water that originate from either your pool deck or surrounding landscape. At night, these translucent streams are brilliantly coloured with an LED light source. The result is a water effect that adds an elegant bit of entertainment to your poolscape.


  • Water arcs reach up to seven feet high and project out eight feet into your pool, spa, or other water feature.
  • Installation is made flush to your deck or other surface; no unsightly or unsafe edges, just the magic of water erupting from a hidden source.
  • Night-time colour effects include the ability to hold a steady colour or scroll through a range of available colours. A microprocessor controlled, colour-changing LED lighting system is at the heart of the MagicStream laminar. It has three distinct programs— synchronized, random, party and can freeze on a single colour.
  • For a more enriched night-time experience, a solenoid is integrated into the LED system to add a bright spot of light as it follows the arc into the pool or spa.

Pentair MagicFalls

Perhaps no other feature contributes more to the beauty and tranquillity of your poolscape than the sight and sound of falling water. MagicFalls® Water Effects can help transform your pool into a romantic oasis, a playful family water park, or a breathtaking focal point. No wonder they are one of the most popular accessories in today’s most elegant backyard retreats. The many options available allow you to integrate these mesmerizing water effects in either dramatic or subtle ways that transform any pool environment from great to spectacular.


  • Choose from a variety of effects—sheet, curtain, rainfall, arc sheet and arc rainfall.
  • Waterfalls can be straight, curved or customized.
  • Individual water effects are available in lengths from eight inches to eight feet.
  • Different lip lengths add to the design freedom available to you.
  • Available in six finishes—brass, bronze, copper, gray, silver or white.
  • Vary flow to any water effect with an energy-efficient IntelliFlo® or IntelliPro® Variable Speed Pump to alter the height and distance of the water effect.

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