Most of the chemicals you’ll need to keep your pool water clean, clear and healthy are always in stock so if you need a re-supply, just pop into our store and grab your supplies.  Check Banora Pool Shop for more information.


We stock all the leading brand sanitisers and if you’re not sure which is the appropriate for your pool, we give you our best advice so you know you’re buying the right product.


Get your water balance here!  If your pH is out and you acidic or alkaline levels need some attention, all the products you’ll need are conveniently located at our pool shop.


When it comes to cleaning your pool surfaces and your filter, the right products can make all the difference to the job at hand!  Check out our full range at Banora Pool Shop.


If your pool is suffering from problems with algae growth, it’s time to add an algicide to get it under control.  It’s important to use the right one though, so make sure you chat with us when you call into the pool shop.


If your pool is looking a little cloudy, it probably means it’s contaminated by tiny particles that are too small for your filter.  Using a clarifier will bind them together until they are large enough to be captured when flowing through your filter.

Speciality chemicals

If you’re looking speciality chemicals such as phosphate and scale removers, you’ll find them all right here at Banora Pools, your Gold Coast and Tweed one stop pool shop.

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